Preparing The Powder Solution

Growing ornamental hydroponics using our powder is as easy as 1-2-3. For you to be properly guided, we have listed the materials needed and have outlined the step by step process on preparing the water solution. And here you go:

Materials Needed:

  • The Powder
  • PET Soda/Water Bottle
  • 1.L Tap Water


  1. Mix one sachet of powder with 1.5L of water on a water/soda bottle. Shake well for 30 seconds
  2. Let the powder residues settle at the bottom of the bottle until the water becomes clear. This takes around 24 hours.
  3. Once the water becomes clear, you may now transfer it to any bottles or glasses that you want to use for growing the plant. Make sure that the water is clear to ensure the growth of leaves and roots. Do not add the residue of the powder that settled at the bottom of the bottle.

Alright, so those are the steps you will simply follow! Happy planting!




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