Mizu Bonsai Garden, The Water Bonsai Expert

Thank You For Visiting Us!
MBG Enterprise is so happy to share with you the latest innovation in indoor ornamental hydroponics gardening. Through our involvement in the promotion of this new technology were able to meet lovely people from different organizations not only here in La Union, but also in the neighboring provinces of Benguet, Pangasinan, and Ilocos Sur. We’ve come to meet online friends as well from different parts of the globe like in Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, Thailand, Taiwan and from the US. Truly, this experience will last a lifetime.
And to further enhance our knowledge and to help more people who wants to learn more about water bonsai, this site is dedicated to you all! Allow us to take this opportunity as well to thank those who have been very supportive of this project! Again, thank you so much for all the help and for allowing us to share with you the water bonsai technology.
Above all, we thank our Almighty Father for all the good things He had showered upon us!
 We return all the praises and glory unto Him!

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